Download our BROCHURE!

Download our BROCHURE!

About the Dulux Accredited Painter Program

The Dulux Accredited Painter Program is run by Dulux to provide potential customers with an added tool to use when selecting a painter.

When Blitz Painting Solutions was first formed, we researched the industry associations and various membership organisations available in Victoria, and it was only the Dulux Accredited Program that was aligned with our goals and philosophy.  Other programs simply require a payment for membership.  There were no ongoing requirements to be met, standards to be adhered to, monitored, etc.

The Dulux Accredited Painter program requires a commitment to ongoing training and development, quality workmanship, a broad range of customer satisfaction measures, etc.  The Blitz Painting Team are all very proud to be Dulux Accredited, and even moreso to have been awarded the Dulux Accredited 'Painter of the Year, Victoria' in 2007!

 "Dulux Accredited is your assurance of a quality job"

The following information is provided in the Dulux Accredited Customer Brochure.

If you would like us to send you out a copy of this brochure, email us at with your name and address details, or contact Dulux at

Assuring you of a top quality job every time, Dulux Accredited Painters have met the following rigorous requirements.

  • Personally signed an ethical and professional standards agreement
  • Provided two client references from work completed in the last 12 months
  • Assessment of workmanship by Dulux
  • Attend professional business seminars and Dulux specialty product courses
  • Minimum $5 million public liability insurance
  • Comply with all safety regularionts.

The reputation of Dulux Accredited painters is important to them.  While other tradesmen may not even turn up, your Dulux Accredited painter will arrive on time or telephone you.
Your Dulux Accredited painter has been selected by Dulux for their experience, skills and the extra pride they take in every job.

Expect a properly prepared quote; fully explaining which methods best suits your individual needs.

Dulux Accredited painters know the importance of a properly prepared surface and the use Dulux premium products to give you a finish that looks better and lasts longer.
Environmentally friendly products are used whenevery possible.

Getting The Best Value For Your Money
A quote that is substantially less than your Dulux Accredited Painter's quote may be an indication of an inferior job.  
When you compare a Dulux Accredited painter's quote with other quotes, ensure that the other painter has not missed anything out.
By investing in a professional painter and quality paints, you will get the best value in the long term.